About the company

The company Tespranet Ltd., which was founded in 2008, belongs to one owner - M. Michal Hořejší. The founding of the company logically proceeded from the rise of the business activities of the owner, who did business as a natural person since 1998. Since its founding, the company focused on two basic spheres:

  • construction
  • administration and maintenance of buildings

By doing this, the company continued in the orginal business activities of the owner and drew on his previous experiences.

Another important milestone in the life of the company was the founding the second company TESPRANET SERVICES Ltd. in 2009. The purpose of founding the second company was to separate the construction activities from the administration and maintenace of buildings. The new company thus took up the activities related to administration and maintenance of buildings, while Tespranet Ltd. continues to focus on the field of construction. The two companies closely cooperate with each other and mutually support each other, which brings many advantages in terms of the volume of offered services and invoked past experiences.

More information abou TESPRANET SERVICES Ltd. can be found on the website www.tsp-servis.cz.

Tespranet Ltd. is a company whose main motto is "Proper conduct, honest work and an effort to oblige the customer as much as possible".