The object(s) of the business: masonry, manufacturing, installation and repairs of electrical machines and devices, preparatory work for buildings or construction sites, arranging business deals and provisions of services, administration and maintenance of real estate objects, provision of technical services, a specialized retail store and a wholesale store with general merchandise

buildings or construction sites





We are a construction company with the ability to carry out booth small repairs and complete reconstruction and construction projects.

Our activities include:

 repairs and complete reconstructions of apartments

  • repair, reconstruction and construction of family houses
  • repairs, reconstruction and remodeling of office spaces
  • repirs and complete reconstructions of storage halls, including built-in objects for offices and other kinds of built-in objects
  • repairs and construction of hard surfaces (ranging from gravel to interlocking pavement and asphalt surfaces)
  • insulation of walls, roofs, terraces, engineering networks, electrical mains, water mains, waste disposal pipes and canalization pipes, including changes required by law
  • project documentation and obtaining required permits